Let's nurture Nancy’s Heart

Was Nancy, the mother who raised the great inventor Thomas Edison, a special mother?

I think that she was an ordinary mother.

She complained to her son's homeroom teacher who abused her child, irritated by her husband who did not cooperate with childcare, like an very ordinary mother, she must have worried about her daily affliction.

I guess it was a day of trial and error for her and her son while repeatedly struggling every day, troubled by emotion control, injuring and hurting herself, failing and succeeding.

The only thing, that was unique about her, was that she believed and persisted over her child's possibilities. She let her son do what he wanted to do and what he liked to do. She did never deny her son's desire to do. It was how she educated her son.

I believe that adults with such Nancy Hearts will be filled with something to the world and that a tolerable and mature society will welcome diverse individualities in the future.

Every mother is a Nancy.

We would like to continue to exist as the same mind as Nancy, as an existence to support children and parents.

Wakuwaku Edison
President : Shibagaki Masami

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