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Sumiyoshi-Tezukayama Office

Sagisu Office

Abeno-Tezukayama Office

Horie Office

Taisho Office

Fukushima Office


【Sumiyoshi-Tezukayama Office】
Hankai Tramway Line “Himematsu” Station 1 min on foot
Hankai Tramway Line “Tezukayama Sanchome” Station 7 minutes on foot
【Sagisu Office】
Subway Sennichimae Line “Noda Hanshin” Station 9 minutes on foot
Osaka Municipal Bus “Sagisu” bus stop 4 minutes on foot
【Abeno-Tezukayama Office】
Hankai Tramway Line “Himematsu” Station 1 min on foot
Hankai Tramway Line “Tezukayama Sanchome” Station 7 minutes on foot
【Horie Office】
Subway Sennichimae Line or Hanshin Namba Line “Sakuragawa” 5 minutes on foot from Exit No.2
Subway Sennichimae Line or Subway Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line “Nishi-Nagahori” 7-minute on foot from Exit No.7
【Taisho Office】
JR Osaka Circular Line or Subway Nagahori Tsurumi Green Line “Taisho” 15 minutes on foot from Exit No.1
【Fukushima Office】
JR Osaka Circular Line “Fukushima” station 2 minutes on foot
JR Osaka Circular Line “Osaka” Station 15 minutes on foot

Company Profile

【Sumiyoshi-Tezukayama Office】
PLOT Tezukayama Building B-3, 1-3-34 Tezukayama Higashi, Sumiyoshi-ku,
Osaka City, 558-0054 Osaka. Japan
【Sagisu Office】
Samukawa Building 1 Floor, 5-3-10 Sagisu, Fukushima-ku,
Osaka City, 553-0002 Osaka, Japan
【Abeno-Tezukayama Office】
Ishiwatari Building 3F, 1-6-25 Tezukayama, Abeno-ku,
Osaka City, 545-0037 Osaka, Japan
【Horie Office】
Nishi Dotonbori Haitsu A 107, 4-7 Minami Horie, Nishi-ku,
Osaka City, 550-0015 Osaka, Japan
【Taisho Office】
Nishida Building 202, 3-7-17 Izuo, Taisho-ku,
Osaka City, 551-0031 Osaka, Japan
【Fukushima Office】
Takeuchi Building 2F, 6-3-9 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku,
Osaka City 551-0003 Osaka, Japan
Business establishment number 2751820040

【Sumiyoshi-Tezukayama Office】06-6674-0909
【Sagisu Office】06-6453-8300
【Abeno-Tezukayama Office】06-6625-0909
【Horie Office】06-6539-5202
【Taisho Office】06-4394-5202
【Fukushima Office】06-6454-0172


【Sumiyoshi-Tezukayama Office】06-6674-0919
【Sagisu Office】06-6453-8400
【Abeno-Tezukayama Office】06-6625-0901
【Horie Office】06-6539-5302
【Taisho Office】06-4394-5303
【Fukushima Office】06-6454-0173

Operation Manager Yubi Create Co., Ltd.

Recruiting Staff

Recruiting Staff

We are recruiting staff from time to time. “Why do not you trust and extend the possibilities of children while raising excitingly with us and raising the Edison of the future?”

Job Description

Instructor for disabled child welfare support office instructor and office work

Qualification :
Nursing staff first person training (helper class 2) or more • care work welfare worker • nursing teacher • physical therapist • occupational therapist, either (Over 5 years experienced person preferential treatment)

License :
Driver's license (Automatic limited license is available)

☆ Part-time job application does not involve qualifications and experience Experienced people with learning support (private tutor, private instructor) • Experienced sports people are welcome!

Salary 180,000 JPY to 230,000 JPY (due to experience & qualification etc.)
* Raised salary • bonus available
Holiday 日曜・祝日・お盆・年末年始
Working Location

There are multiple locations.
(November Taisho Office OPEN • January 2015 OPEN Fukushima Office)

For details please contact 06-6625-0909 (Abeno-Tezukayama Office)

First of all, please come and visit our facility. To apply for the facility tour, please apply by phone or e-mail.
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