User Guide


Procedure until application

Those who wish to apply

1Please contact us first.

* It may not be answered by phone during activity. Please note.

2Please come to the facility tour and interview.
Please come with your children. I will explain the usage and interview.
*Please bring the person who holds the beneficiary certificate.
Those who do not have a recipient ID will explain how to apply to the ward office.
3Establish an individual support plan and sign a contract.
* We will adjust the timing of usage start.
Applicant Persons with disabilities living in Osaka city and enrolled in schools (excluding kindergartens and universities)
Available Time Weekday (Monday - Friday) 13:00 - 18:00
Saturday & during long vacation 9:00 - 16:00
Closed day Closing on Sundays, Holidays & Obon period (13 – 15 Aug)
New Year's Holiday (28 Dec – 3 Jan)
Capacity 10 people / 1 day
The Usage Fee

The usage fee is a fixed rate burden of 10% in principle.
Depending on income, a monthly upper limit burden setting and a reduction are set up.

Self-contribution burden: snack cost: 100 yen / day & pick-up fee
Costs required for activities such as workshop and events are collected at any time.


How to apply for a beneficiary certificate

Persons who can use day service, such as after school → handicapped children with physical, intellectual, mental and intractable diseases
(Physically Disabled Person's Handbook, 身体障害者手帳 / Physical Disability Certificate, 療育手帳 / Pediatric Medical Certificate)

Even those who do not have those handbooks may be eligible.
Those who were diagnosed as requiring treatment at the Osaka City Child Counseling Center and the Osaka Municipal Development and Disabled Support Center “Elm Osaka” you will be eligible. For details, please contact the Health and Welfare Section of Health and Welfare Center in each district.

Those who do not have a beneficiary certificate.

1You will apply for the beneficiary certificate

You will apply for the beneficiary certificate (Health and Welfare Division, Health and Welfare Center of Ward Office of Residential Area.)

【Flow of procedures at the ward office】
  1. Payment application
  2. Survey on intention of using service
  3. Introduction of Specified Consultation Support Business Operator
  4. Creation of a plan for use by designated consultation support business
  5. Payment decision
  6. Creation of usage plan by specified consultation support business operator
  7. Service use
  8. Monitoring implementation
2The beneficiary certificate will arrive at you.

When the payment is decided, the “certificate of beneficiary certificate” will be delivered by post from the ward office.

3Please come and visit with your child.

We will explain and explain.
After that, we will establish an individual support plan and sign a contract.

First of all, please come and visit our facility. To apply for the facility tour, please apply by phone or e-mail.
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