Edison who dropped out of elementary school had plenty of possibilities.
Wakuwaku Edison’s Declaration. We believe in each child's possibilities with the mind like Edison's mother, Nancy, who raised Edison.

Thomas Edison, known for numerous inventions, is said to have been Asperger's syndrome.
When Edison was an elementary school student, he asked many questions to the teacher during school class. Due to those questions, he repeatedly interrupted the lessons.
Therefore, he was dropped out of elementary school.
However, Edison's mother, Nancy, who was also a teacher, said, "This child is a genius."
She trusted and continued education of her child at home.

Education is not a form.
We believe that the true education is not to limit child's personality, but to extend it.
From exciting and pleasant things, in each child's future, the buds will spread and will eventually blossom.

We named this place which pursues the future potential of children "Wakuwaku Edison," which means Exciting Edison.
Believing that the future Edison will come out from this place.

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